Release Notes#

ViZDoom 1.2.3: Support for Python 3.12, fix for the Gymnasium wrapper#

Released on 2023-12-16 - GitHub - PyPI

ViZDoom 1.2.3 Release Notes

The aim of this release is mainly to add support for Python 3.12 and fix a serious bug in the Gymnasium wrapper (thanks @caozhenxiang-kouji for reporting).

What's Changed

  • Add support for Python 3.12 by @mwydmuch in #570
  • Fix the bug in the Gymnasium wrapper that was constructing correct actions only for int type but not for types, when action_space = Discrete (reported in #574) by @mwydmuch in #575
  • Add Farama notifications to the Python package by @mwydmuch in #568
  • Add workflows to build docs version by @mgoulao in #567
  • Add set/getGameArgs/set/get_game_args methods by @mwydmuch in #569
  • Add support for +win_x/y CVARs on Linux and MacOS by @mwydmuch in #569
  • and tests updates by @mwydmuch in #573
  • Add support for viz_noxserver option on macos by @mwydmuch in #577
  • Documentation updates by @mwydmuch in #576 and #578

Full Changelog: 1.2.2...1.2.3

ViZDoom 1.2.2: Fix for Python source distribution missing pybind11, fix manual building#

Released on 2023-09-27 - GitHub - PyPI

ViZDoom 1.2.2 Release Notes

The aim of this release is mainly to fix some issues with installing ViZDoom on configurations that cannot use binary wheels.

What's Changed

Full Changelog: 1.2.1...1.2.2

ViZDoom 1.2.1: Manylinux wheels, docstrings and argument names in the Python module, and a new documentation website#

Released on 2023-09-11 - GitHub - PyPI

ViZDoom 1.2.1 Release Notes

This release focuses on improving the user experience by adding support for docstrings and argument names in the Python module, a new documentation website, and, finally, improvements to the building process that allows for prebuilding manylinux wheels. This release does not introduce any changes to the API and is 100% compatible with the previous version.

What's Changed

Full Changelog: 1.2.0...1.2.1

ViZDoom 1.2.0: add Gymnasium wrapper, Pickle support, and ARM compatibility#

Released on 2023-05-12 - GitHub - PyPI

ViZDoom 1.2.0 Release Notes

This release adds official Gymnasium support, support for serialization using Pickle, and ARM compatibility. Besides that, it improves and modernizes the codebase to simply further maintenance of the library.

ViZDoom core API and Gym wrapper remain unchanged in this release. The code using the 1.1.X version should be fully compatible with this release.

New Features and Improvements:

  • Added Gymnasium support. The wrapper for Gymnasium 0.28 was added, and from now on it will be an integral part of the library. The old Gym 0.26 wrapper remains as an optional extra. Because of that, we mark this release as the next minor release for the first time in 4 years.
  • Added Pickle support.
    • The Gymnasium/Gym wrappers now support the serialization of environments via pickle. Now both the environments and their states can be serialized.
    • The GameState object and its subobjects, which are returned from C++ by DoomGame.get_state() method in core Python API, now also support serialization. However, DoomGame object that wraps the game engine cannot be serialized.
  • Compatibility with ARM. The library can now be easily compiled and installed on ARM Linux as well as on Apple Silicon.
  • Python 3.11 support. The ViZDoom library can now be installed with Python 3.11.


The default configurations for all build-in scenarios/environments were unified to use 320x240 resolution (original DOS Doom resolution) as default.

Bug Fixes and Documentation Updates:

This release introduces numerous improvements to the codebase that will simplify further maintenance:

  • Pre-commit-hooks with code formatting and checks were added.
  • All assembler code was removed. Instead, the C/C++ code that was present in the engine as a fallback is now used instead. Currently, these assembler parts are not bringing significant performance improvements and thus were not worth keeping in our opinion. Because of that, the assembler compiler was removed from the list of dependencies as it's no longer needed.
  • Lemon and Zipdir libraries were updated to the newer versions to fix issues with a building project on ARM machines and some Windows configurations.
  • Fixed some deprecation warnings in the C/C++ codebase.
  • Updated and cleaned-up documentation related to the project building.
  • Added a long description for the PyPI package page.
  • Added many tests for both core API and the Gymnasium wrapper.
  • Cleaned up the codebase and removed unused files, scripts, commented code blocks, and Visual Studio project files.

Full Changelog: 1.1.14...1.2.0


Released on 2023-01-07 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.14

Support for Apple Silicon

  • Fixed building on Apple Silicon Macbooks.


  • OpenAI Gym environment wrappers were updated to the Gym v0.26 API version.


Released on 2022-04-18 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.13


  • The pybind11 library and freedoom2.wad are now part of the source release instead of being downloaded during building.




Released on 2022-04-01 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.12

New OpenAI Gym wrapper

  • Added a new wrapper for OpenAI Gym.


Released on 2021-11-22 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.11


  • Fixed issues with installing/building Python package.


Released on 2021-11-10 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.10

Python Bindings

  • Fixed support for Python 3.10
  • Removed dependency on Numpy and simplified the process of building Windows wheels.


  • Added support for tuples and ndarrays as arguments in many functions, where previously only lists were accepted.


Released on 2021-09-30 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.9

Audio buffer

  • Added audio_buffer to State and related methods is/setAudioBufferEnabled, get/setAudioSamplingRate, get/setAudioBufferSize.

Save/load methods

  • Added save and load methods that allow saving/loading game to/from a file.


  • Added viz_bots_path CVAR that allows specifying path to custom bots configuration.


Released on 2020-10-29 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.8

Objects and sectors

  • Added is/setObjectsInfoEnabled, is/setSectorsInfoEnabled methods to Python and C++ to enable information about all objects or/and sectors (map layout) present in the current episode/level.
  • Added objects and sectors fields to GameState in Python and C++.

Config files

  • Added missing GameVariables introduced in 1.1.5 to the Config parser.
  • Added missing GameVariables introduced in 1.1.7 to the Config parser.
  • Added objectsInfoEnabled/objects_info_enabled.

Python, Java, Lua

  • Dropped support for Python 2.7
  • Dropped support for Java bindings
  • Dropped support for Lua/Torch bindings


Released on 2019-08-27 - GitHub - PyPI


Released on 2018-12-29 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.7

Python & Julia

  • Added missing is_multiplayer_game method to Python and Julia binding.



1.1.6: #

Released on 2018-07-16 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.6

Julia specific

  • Julia binding added.

Server state

  • Added getServerState method that returns ServerState object.


  • Added timeout for network game synchronization controlled by viz_connect_timeout CVAR.
  • Fixed viz_spectator CVAR.

Python specific

  • Added Python interpreter version check.


Released on 2018-05-14 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.5


  • Added viz_am_scale CVAR (CVAR version of am_scale CCMD).
  • Added viz_am_center CVAR (and am_center CCMD).

Buttons and actions

  • Added getButton method.

Episode recording and replaying

  • Added isRecordingEpisode and isReplayingEpisode methods.


  • KILLCOUNT counts all kills, including multilayer kills.


  • Added appending "Dead" prefix to label's name when actor is a corpse.
  • Added bounding box information to Label object in x, y, width and height fields.
  • Added objectAngle, objectPitch, objectRoll, objectVelocityX/Y/Z fields to Label object.

Windows specific

  • Fixed problem with building on Windows 8.1 and 10.
  • Added scripts for downloading freedoom2.wad and assembling Python packages.


  • Fixed minor rendering issues in the depth and labels buffers.
  • Fixed order of color values in RGB/BGR modes of ScreenFormat.


Released on 2017-10-22 - GitHub - PyPI


Released on 2017-09-29 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.4


  • Added am_scale CCMD.


  • Fixed KILLCOUNT GameVariable for ChainsawMarine in defend_the_center and deathmatch scenarios.

Python specific

  • Ported Python binding to pybind11 as a replacement for Boost.Python.
  • Fixed problems with pip install detecting Python interpreter, includes and libraries from different Python versions.


Released on 2017-07-08 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.3

Rendering options

  • Added setRenderScreenFlashes and setRenderAllFrames methods.
  • Added viz_ignore_render_mode CVAR which disables overriding rendering settings.


  • Added ANGLE, PITCH, ROLL, VELOCITY_X/Y/Z GameVariables.

Missing config keys

  • Added support for ALTATTACK Button in the config file.

Java specific

  • Fixed makeAction.
  • Added missing POSITION_X/Y/Z Game Variables.

Python specific

  • Added manual GIL management for better performance when used with Python threads.

Windows specific

  • Fixed building for Windows 10.


Released on 2017-06-11 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.2


  • Added isMultiplayerGame method.
  • Added viz_respawn_delay CVAR, which allows controlling the delay between respawns in multiplayer games.
  • Added viz_spectator CVAR, which allows connecting to multiplayer games as a spectator.
  • Maximum number of connected players raised to 16, PLAYER9_FRAGCOUNT - PLAYER16_FRAGCOUNT GameVariables added.

Missing methods

  • Added isRunning, isDepthBufferEnabled, isLabelsBufferEnabled and isAutomapBufferEnabled missing methods to Python and Lua bindings.


Released on 2017-03-23 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.1


  • Added tic field.
  • GameVariable.DEATHCOUNT fixed.

Lua specific

  • Fixed crash when calling getState in a terminal state.

Python specific

  • Fixed minor memory leak
  • Fixed crash when calling getState in a terminal state.


Released on 2016-12-23 - GitHub - PyPI

Changes in ViZDoom 1.1.0


  • Depth buffer is now a separate buffer in state and ScreenFormat values with it were removed - is/setDepthBufferEnabled added.
  • Added in frame actors labeling feature -is/setLabelsBufferEnabled added.
  • Added buffer with in game automap - is/setAutomapBufferEnabled, setAutomapMode, setAutomapRoate, setAutomapRenderTextures, AutomapMode enum added.


  • getState will now return nullptr/null/None if game is in the terminal state.
  • imageBuffer renamed to screenBuffer.
  • Added depthBuffer, labelsBuffer and automapBuffer and labels fields.

Rendering options

  • The option to use minimal hud instead of default full hud - setRenderMinimalHud added.
  • The option to enable/disable effects that use sprites - setRenderEffectsSprites added.
  • The option to enable/disable in game messages independently of the console output - setRenderMessages added.
  • The option to enable/disable corpses - setRenderCorpses added.

Episode recording and replaying

  • The option to record and replay episodes, based on adapted ZDoom's demo mechanism -
    recording filePath argument added to newEpisode, replayEpisode added.
  • The option to replay demo from other players' perspective.


  • The option to set number of tics executed per second in ASNYC Modes.
  • New ticrate optional argument in doomTicsToMs, msToDoomTics.
  • doomTicsToSec and secToDoomTics added.


  • Paths in config files are now relative to config file.
  • setting vizdoom_path and doom_game_path is no longer needed - they default to location(installation) of


  • ZDoom engine updated to 2.8.1.
  • Basic support for multiplayer in PLAYER and SPECTATOR Modes.
  • Improved exceptions messages.
  • Bugs associated with paths handling were fixed.
  • Many minor bugs were fixed.
  • Possibility to change scenario wad during runtime (only first map from WAD file).
  • Added viz_debug CVAR to control some diagnostic messages.

C++ specific

  • A lot of overloaded methods turned into a methods with default arguments.
  • getState() now returns GameStatePtr (std::shared_ptr<GameState>) instead of GameState.
  • Buffers are now copied.
  • GameState's buffer has now ImageBufferPtr (std::shared_ptr<ImageBuffer>) type - Buffer (std::vector<uint8_t>).
  • GameState's gameVariables are now vector of doubles instead of ints.

Lua specific

  • Lua binding added.
  • Support for LuaRocks installation for Linux and MacOS.

Java specific

  • GameState buffers type changed to byte[].
  • Performance improved.
  • Java exceptions handling fixed.
  • Few functions fixed.

Python specific

  • Consts added to Python.
  • Aliases for doom_fixed_to_double - doom_fixed_to_float added.
  • Support for pip installation for Linux and MacOS.


Released on 2016-11-26 - GitHub - PyPI


Released on 2016-06-14 - GitHub - PyPI

1.1.0pre-CIG2016-warm-up-fixed: 1.1.0pre-CIG2016#

Released on 2016-06-12 - GitHub - PyPI


Released on 2016-05-29 - GitHub - PyPI


Released on 2016-05-17 - GitHub - PyPI


Released on 2016-05-08 - GitHub - PyPI


Released on 2016-04-18 - GitHub - PyPI

1.0.0-rc: 1.0.0rc#

Released on 2016-03-25 - GitHub - PyPI